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How do we improve pre-school teachers’ digital competences and create a pre-school facility’s information and education environment?
How do we create a modern education space?
Where should parents go to improve their child rearing, teaching and development competences?
How do we provide high quality accessible education to every child?
How do we help minors choose their future careers via social service institutions?
How do we train staff for investment projects?
How do we make a kindergarten different for every child?
How do we automate operations and make our pre-school facility more efficient?
How do we set up an efficient education institution management model?
How do we create a digital education environment in our region/municipality/education institution?
How do we help young people develop project and entrepreneurial competences?
How can we train staff quickly and efficiently?
How do we involve employers in providing career guidance for school students, and make that process efficient?
How do I make education process transparent, and services more accommodating?
How do we make extracurricular education services more efficient?
How do we involve business in pre-school education?
How do I best choose my future occupation or profession, and learn about my career prospects?
How do we create conditions for teaching professional competences in parallel with general education?
How do we prepare students in advance for the 20 digital economy tracks?