The National Social Initiative
What is the NSI?
This is a mechanism used to enhance the quality of social services aimed at meeting individual needs in various real-life situations.
The Key NSI Goal
The NSI goal is to enhance the satisfaction of social service users, offer more opportunities to improve the individual's quality of life and address their need to find fulfillment regardless of the situation and the state of their health and engage more stakeholders and communities in making the necessary changes in the social sphere.
The NSI Practices
General: The NSI practices are human-centered and proven practices with measurable results implemented in the Russian Federation to meet human needs in various real-life situations.
The NSI Implementation Stages
Stage: 1
Creating a management infrastructure
Establish a management system with the powers, resources, and competencies required for the NSI implementation based on existing government and civic institutions
Stage: 2
Selection of pilot institutions
Identify at least two institutions that provide and transform social services appropriate to life situations
Stage: 3
Self-examination of institutions
Specify any current issues in a one-off effort and identify their root causes locally
Stage: 4
Roadmap development and practice selection
Create roadmaps based on the region's local projects and initiatives and Smarteka's best practices
Stage: 5
Monitor the quality of key stakeholders' satisfaction in the implementation of measures to improve services and follow local roadmaps
Stage: 6
Summarizing and scaling
Integrate the NSI related to any specific real-life situations across the region. Approve the roadmap completion