Modernization of primary medical and nursing care in the Kaluga Region
Вопрос практики - How do we improve the populace’s satisfaction with the healthcare services?
Результат - 17 автобусов закуплены, для доставки пациентов в межрайонные центры
Результат - 46 модульных фельдшерско-акушерских пунктов открыто

Первый регион реализации Kaluga Region

Primary Health Care
Implementation period: 6 months
Подготовительный этап
от 6 мес.
Команда практики
According to the patient survey, the satisfaction with the quality of medical services provided by PHC has increased from 70% to 85%
How do we organize an efficient healthcare communication channel for the public?
How do we organize accessible first aid medical and nursing care at home?
How do we organize a highly accurate cancer diagnostics in our healthcare institution?
How do I detect varicosity on my own using AI?
How do we optimize healthcare institutions’ operators’ work?
How do we detect health risks and problems early and without leaving home?