Modernization of primary healthcare units in the Belgorod Region
Вопрос практики - How do we really make our healthcare family healthcare?
Результат - с 72,8 до 74,2 года выросла продолжительность жизни с 2016 по 2019 гг.
Результат - с 13,9 до 13,3 снизилась смертность населения на 1000 человек
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Implementation period: 8 months
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1.8 billion rubles were allocated to construction and repairing 1 billion rubles was provided for re-equipping GPs’ offices in accordance with the standard of Russian Ministry for Healthcare
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How do we organize an efficient healthcare communication channel for the public?
How do we make healthcare accessible?
What should we do to make out-patient monitoring more efficient?
How do we improve oncology services’ patients monitoring quality?
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