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How do we promote alternate employment and legalize people’s income?
How do we use vocational training to make employment more effective and lower unemployment rates?
How do we ensure tailored approach, and make employment services more accessible?
How do we make vocational training more accessible spatially for people living in remote areas?
How do I create my own signature project?
How do we increase workforce capacity in our region and get new solutions along the main development vectors?
How should we organize the interactions between vocational training schools and companies when it comes to training new staff?
How do we set up an integrated digital system for student employment assistance and monitoring?
How do we organize career guidance and employment paths for students with disabilities and health limitations?
How can young professionals acquire relevant job experience?
How do we help people from small cities and villages find remote employment?
How do I provide employment for young people in my region?
How do we attract competent professionals to our region?
How do we supply our regional economy with IT staff?
How do we help socially vulnerable groups find employment?
How do we train highly effective managers?
How do we increase talent management efficiency in a region or a corporation?