100 лидеров развития новых подходов в образовании
Поддержка и масштабирование деятельности лидеров, их проектов и практик, лидерских сообществ в целях развития системы образования и реализации потенциала каждого человека. Инициатива реализуется направлением "Молодые профессионалы " АСИ
How do we improve pre-school teachers’ digital competences and create a pre-school facility’s information and education environment?
How do we create a modern education space?
How do we make a kindergarten different for every child?
How do we automate operations and make our pre-school facility more efficient?
How do we create a digital education environment in our region/municipality/education institution?
How do we help young people develop project and entrepreneurial competences?
How should we organize the interactions between vocational training schools and companies when it comes to training new staff?
How do we set up an integrated digital system for student employment assistance and monitoring?
How do we help people from small cities and villages find remote employment?
How do we train staff for investment projects?
What should we do to close the gap between the requirements and the staff training quality?
How do we make extracurricular education services more efficient?
How do I help children discover and develop their talents and abilities?
How do we set up remote classes in our school during the quarantine?
How do we set up remote classes?
How do I provide employment for young people in my region?
How can we make it so that children born with Down syndrome get abandoned less?
What should we do to ensure accessibility and good quality of social services?
How do we supply our regional economy with IT staff?